Аксессуары для ПК Polycom



CLink 2 cable, HDX microphone array cable. Walta to Walta, 15 ft. Supports connections between devices with CLink 2 ports. HDX 9000 CLink input requires Walta to RJ-45 adapter

2457-23215-001 ID 183953
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Serial Cable for the Group Series 300 and Group Series 500. DB9-F to 8-PIN DIN, 3 meters.

2457-63542-001 ID 440885
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Адаптер Polycom Russian EagleEye Digital Breakout Adapter (DBA)-camera. HDCI to HDMI / DB9 breakout for EagleEye IV & Acoustic. Must order pwr supply 1465-52748-040, pwr cord 2215-00286-003 & min-HDCI to HDCI cable separately. See User's guide for installation guidelines.

7200-68518-114 ID 575737
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Адаптер Polycom EagleEye Digital Breakout Adapter (DBA)-codec. Breaks out RealPresence Group HDCI input to HDMI & DB9. Includes: DBA-codec. Order min-HDCI to HDCI cable separately. See User's guide for installation guidelines.

7200-68524-125 ID 575739
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Extended length Black "drop cable" for connecting Spherical Ceiling Microphone Array element to electronics interface. 6ft (1.8m) long. Used with 2200-23809-001 & 2200-23810-001 only. Replaces 2457-24701-001

2457-26764-072 ID 183972
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Cable kit for HDX 9000 series:HDCI-f to 5xBNC-f+DB9-f, 1' DVI-A-m to 5xBNC-f, 1' Walta to RJ45 socket 18", S-Video to 2xBNC-m, 1', Walta to Walta, 7.6m, HDCI-m to HDCI-m, 10m, RJ45 5E, 3.66m, Phoenix to 2xRCA-f, 1', 2xRCA-m, 25', RJ11, 12'

2215-24725-001 ID 183941
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EagleEye Producer for EagleEye IV camera - For all Group Series running 4.2 or later. Includes EagleEye Producer system, 1 mini-HDCI to HDCI cable, 1 mini-HDCI (f) to HDCI cable, power supply, cord: RUSSIA - Type C, CE 7 / 7. Maint. contract required.

2215-69791-114 ID 440683
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